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Liam Gomez

Italicus Liqueur, Rosolio Di Bergamotto - 750 ml

Italicus Liqueur, Rosolio Di Bergamotto - 750 ml

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The bergamot orange is a citrus fruit that has its roots in South-East Asia but is also grown in other regions, mainly around the Ionian Sea. The Calabria region of southern Italy is a particularly notable producer with the fruit being featured as the symbol of the city. Intensely fragrant, it is often found as an ingredient in perfume, its aromatic nature working particularly well in liqueurs.Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto Liqueur is one such product. Crafted with Calabrian bergamot of protected origin that was chosen for its freshness and intensity, as well as a selection of Italian botanicals, it's grown, harvested, and made in Italy. The liqueur is based on a historic recipe from Torino of a drink known as "The Drink of Kings" that dates back to the 1850s. Built on family tradition, the aperitif takes its inspiration from rose liqueur.The maceration of the botanicals is a 10-day process in which the bergamot and other citrus fruits are pressed together in cold water, releasing the essential oils. Natural beet sugar, neutral Italian grain spirit, and water are then added. The nose of the finished liqueur is fresh and intensely aromatic with light floral touches of rose and lavender. Refreshing citrus is on the palate along with a touch of bitterness, spice, and floral undertones. Finishes long and complex, pairing exceptionally well with Prosecco, some ice, and an olive or two.

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