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Liam Gomez

Hennessy Vs Cognac NBA Edition 750ml

Hennessy Vs Cognac NBA Edition 750ml

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Hennessy is pleased to have collaborated with the NBA to produce this exclusive Hennessy V.S. The robust and fragrant Hennessy V.S NBA Edition is aged in fresh oak barrels. Its alluring personality is distinctly Hennessy; it's a classic option with a distinct intensity. Hennessy V.S. has a rich, well-defined palate, a pleasant exuberance, and aromas of fruit and toast.Hennessy V.S, the most popular cognac in the world, is the contemporary version of the original Hennessy 3-Star. Centuries of experience and dedication have gone into its creation. Whether consumed plain, on ice, or with a mixer, V.S. exhibits its lively nature and robust taste.

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